More Energy to Resurrect your Dreams


It's no accident you landed here.

You're longing to be seen, heard and valued.

You're dying for your life to have more energy and meaning.

You look in the mirror and ask,

"Is this all there is?"

 I understand.

 You're a women who has dedicated your life to caring for others. 

You've lost touch with yourself, your power and your desires.

Here's what you're looking for

  • Stop energy draining relationships and cultivate loving, fulfilling connections
  • Step by step guidance to become the most intentionally happy, energetic person you know
  • Enjoy rich, fulfilling relationships - first and most importantly the relationship with yourself
  • Feel loved, understood and appreciated
  • Let go of stress, enjoy inner peace and tons of ENERGY!

Meda Christiani

Transformation Coach

Things can be better

for you

Imagine having someone by your side who sees your potential and holds space so that the vision of your transformed, energized self materializes.

I'll help you question your thinking,

see with new eyes and

shine light on what's in your heart. 

My experience and training offers easier, faster, more effective and fun ways to free your energy and facilitate long lasting, holistic desired change .

Read more about me here.

What you want 

  • Live an authentic life with purpose
  • Be a loved, appreciated, powerful woman
  • Harmonize those difficult relationships
  • Get enthusiastic and energized about life and why you're here
  • Get armed with practical tools, understandings and strategies to rise to any occasion

You are invited to experience working with me

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Hear from Grateful Clients

ursula hornchen


From physically and mentally suffering to being in charge of her life.

I was ready to quit a job I loved. Suffering from insomnia, headaches  and breathing problems Meda empathically tuned into the heart of my situation.

“Bring into the room what you want to have in the room”. We worked on shifting my energy which I was bringing into the work place and a miracle happened!

It’s been three years and I’m happily still working there – without health problems.

Sylvia Backen

Financial Consultant

Unable to conceive – now masterfully balancing work and children.

My husband and I couldn't get pregnant again, although there were no medical reasons.

Meda got me in touch with the fear that I wouldn’t be able to cope with an additional child plus my newly successful business.  

Six weeks later I became pregnant!  Her experience (5 children) was priceless in helping me have the energy to manage  the new baby and my business.

diana rupperat


Once insecure, beaten down and fearful - now an empowered woman.

Newly separated from my husband I was stuck, hardly daring to take any step forward, my self-esteem and self-confidence in the cellar. I felt empty and exhausted. 

I am forever grateful to Meda for the way she tickled my buried strength and self-esteem back into action.  I’m now thrilled with my new life as an empowered, entrepreneurial woman. My children are so proud of me.

Your Free Clarity Session

1. What You’ll Do
Before the Call

Have a request ready.

What's keeping you up at night?

What's draining your energy?

What relationship would you love to see flowing again?

2. What Happens
During the Call

Let's get to know each other and find at least one idea how you can take immediate action to start shifting things in your

desired direction –

at no cost! 

3. What Changes
After the Call

You'll gain clarity and insight about how my coaching can help you release your energy and transform those areas of your life that matter most. Let yourself be surprised. 

No obligation!

What drives me

My passion is to help women bridge the gap from feeling stuck, frustrated and resigned to inventing an exhilarating new life chapter as authentic, empowered women, able to manifest what their souls came here for.

You'll become the heroine of your own story, able to give from an over abundance of energy and deep inner peace, in love with yourself and the world.

Happy, fulfilled women are good for the planet!

My Vision

I envision a world where joy-filled, powerful women (and men) liberated from their conditioning, freely create their best lives, enjoying work and relationships which feed their souls and gives them inner peace.

Hi, I´m Meda

After 18 years in the catering business and raising five children the desire arose to offer more than just enticing peoples senses with delicious, beautifully presented, food. I longed to touch their souls.

I shifted to coaching the nutrition program Metabolic Balance®, where I helped hundreds of clients improve their health and body image for over 10 years.

Personal difficulties (read more) led me to Psychotherapy and energy work which was life-changing! I was proof that these tools worked! As I facilitated energy workshops, joy flowed into all areas of my life.  

Licensed in Germany in 2008 as a Holistic Practitioner in Psychotherapy I opened a private practice where I helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life, from mothers to German business men.  

I continue to offer Holistic Transformation Sessions and recently was certified in California as a Life Coach and Women-Centered Coach.

Stop settling!

It's time to get energized and reinvent yourself

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