"Your time is limited, so don't waste 

  it living someone else's life."  

                              Steve Jobs

My Transformation Story

Like all of us I arrived on this planet as a great ball of bright energy.

My parents helped me turn my light down along with Walt Disney.“Don’t be too colorful, do what you’re told, don’t get mad, only say nice things.  Be good, be quiet, don’t embarrass us".

As a girl of the Baby Boom Generation I was trained to know my place in society. The secret to a successful life was to marry a man with a good job and devote myself to him and the family. I did that (more than once). I chose men who were powerful and egotistical. Men who were very effective in helping me continue to keep my light down. (One even told me it was my job to turn my light down around him!)

I put on a happy face for the outside world and performed my societal duties to perfection, while inside I felt miserable, lonely, unloved and resentful. Preoccupied with making everyone else happy I suffered the  torture of emotional abuse and betrayal (more than once).

Nobody wanted to hear my complaints. “You have everything - the husband, the kids, the big house . .  nice vacations. The confusion of living in two realities was soul wrenching. My inner life bore no resemblance to my outer life. I got pneumonia, broke bones, got electrocuted, suffered severe stomach aches and almost skied  off a cliff. A second nasty divorce sent me through a Dark Night of the Soul.

Sitting quite depressed on my bedroom windowsill twenty-some years ago I wondered if this was as good as it gets. I’d been given a book by Neale Donald Walsh and a sentence echoed in my head - “Listen to your soul, listen to your soul,” and this teeny, tiny voice screamed, “NO, there’s so, so much more!” 

Contact with that inner voice propelled me on an intense, exciting, non-stop, mind and soul expanding journey to stop the pain and live an authentic life.

My journey to Self evolved over years of intense learning from powerful mentors and teachers. I applied on myself the tools and holistic concepts for transformation that I now teach and use with clients.

I love the concept of a Shaman being a person who endures a trial, survives and thrives. My list is miles long for the life issues I’m now able to help my clients with. For this reason I bless my past, the challenges I have overcome and the long transformational journey from living other peoples ideas for my life to becoming  an empowered woman. My children, a fifty year yoga practice  and regularly communing with nature has kept me grounded.  My freed Self feels loved, understood and appreciated. Abundant with energy, joy,  gratitude,  harmonious relationships  and fulfilling work my passion is to help others. My five wonderful children are thriving and I keep on learning and growing.

Dragonfly Symbology

Much like the Dragonfly larva residing in the murky depths of a lake for months, or perhaps even years, a transformative destiny beckons you near the water's surface. Climb into the sunshine and embrace a fresh chapter in your existence.

Bask in the warmth of the sun atop a slender plant stem, allowing the gentle caress of the sunlight to dry and liberate you from your constricting, familiar shell. As you rupture this conditioned cocoon, a splendid Dragonfly emerges.

Your wings unfold, a marvel of nature's design. You pump them full of a magical liquid which solidifies in the delicate veins, giving them support. This alchemical process provides the sturdy foundation required for flight.

With strong, iridescent wings you stand poised and ready to take flight into the boundless expanse of the sky!

 Dragonfly 'Medicine'

In the Native American tradition, animals convey healing messages, providing a potent "medicine" for body, mind, and soul. In the symbolic realm, the dragonfly embodies the winds of change, delivering messages of enlightenment and transformation. 

Dragonflies symbolize a call to unearth limiting beliefs, paving the way for healing and renewed creativity. As messengers of change, they bring personal power, strength, wisdom.

The dragonfly signals us that it is time to bring into consciousness those beliefs and habits which have restricted the fulfilment of our dreams. It beckons us to attain a new perspective, whereby healing is possible and our creative energies flow again.

I feel a very deep connection to nature and can easily identify with this world view and especially with the dragonflies, which frequently land on me, communing for extended periods.

Follow the dragonfly deep into your inner-self, to the place where magic is still alive and drink from the life energy and the inner wisdom which is available to you to actively shape and create the life of our dreams.

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